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Monday, 28 February 2011

Beer of the Month: Dark Star Six Hop Ale

This was sampled in the Bree Louise in London, although it’s also been on in the new Port St Beer House as well. It’s a 6.5% IPA that proved so popular last year that Dark Star felt obliged to brew it again this year. It’s labelled “Extreme Hops” and you soon see why.

The bouquet of this delightful amber ale is the first clue. Heavy doses of pine and tropical fruit assault the senses before the full tongue-tingling rush of the six (five and then dry hopped, apparently) hops begins. More resiny pine and citrus flavours here, but mainly just a massive rush of hops that hopheads will love.

A slightly sticky mouthfeel and an extreme finish makes it very moreish; for hopheads only, though, it has to be said. It’s simply too much for some and I’ve had it described as “like having one ball ripped off while your chewing on the other”. But I’m not sure that’s an official beer blogger’s tasting note.


RedNev said...
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RedNev said...

Sounds a really good session beer; right up my street. I hope I come across it soon.

Dennis said...

It's very similar to Ruddles.