Breakfast Beer Tasting: St Patrick's Best

Coming in a 500ml bottle, this 3.8% Bitter comes from the Strangford Lough Brewery which is allegedly based in Killyleagh, County Down. I say allegedly as there is some doubt as to where they actually brew. However, I’m here to drink the darn stuff, not question their authetnicity and certainly not question all that cliched guff on the bottle about St Patrick.

The basics: The beer poured a light amber colour with good levels of carbonation and a tight head that had a pleasing level of retention. There’s not much in the aroma-a little caramel and maybe just a faint hint of woodiness.

Taste: To me, the beer seemed a little thin. I know the American version (brewed under license) is 4.2% and perhaps it needs that little extra in the trouser department to do it justice. The initial taste of malt and caramel, with a little woodiness thrown in, soon gives way to a smooth, inoffensive mouthfeel.

Finish: Short and disappointing.

Conclusion: A pleasant enough breakfast beer for the beginner, but lacks the depth to please the experienced palate. One for your mother.


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