Beer of the Week & Hawkshead Beer Festival

For the first time, there’s been a tie. Ossett Oregon Pale, sampled in the Art Picture House, was a beautiful blend of fruit and bitingly dry hops from the Willamette Valley in Oregon. And then there was the incomparable Fyne Jarl with its full on Citra experience. This was served yesterday in superb condition at the Hawkshead Brewery Beer Festival.

Not unexpectedly, there was no shortage of excellent beers at Hawkshead as they were showcasing SIBA’s 2011 Medal Winners. I didn’t personally have a bad one all day, but I did sample the Foxfield Unzipped which was drawing a few complaints and found it to be full of unpleasantly diacetyl flavours.

The rest of the beers were uniformly good. Pick of the bunch? Well a lot of people (including me) were impressed with Stringers Yellow Lorry. This was a fine example of the use of Amarillo hops. Using both Amarillo and Citra was Hawkshead Citrillo. This tropical fruit hop delight was very moreish indeed. As was Bowland Admiral which was bursting with floral hop tones. And Marble’s collaboration with Whim-Utility Special-was very impressive as well.

An excellent festival and an enjoyable day out that ended with some more Hawkshead Windermere Pale and a nightcap of Phoenix Arizona in the Art.


Baron Orm said…
A nice write-up of an excellent beer festival - I was there on Thursday and had a lovely day. I sampled the Stringers & Jarl as well as the Marble IPA & Hawkshead ales and I completely agree - all super tasty and in excellent condition.

Am I correct in thinking that one of your photos captures the back of the mighty Tandleman? Who is a the happy chap holding the glasses?
Tandleman said…
Bowland Admiral split opinions. I thought it very odd tasting, as did a few others. I didn't buy it mind, but was given a taste.

Both the Jarl and the Stringers ran out before I made it upstairs though.
Tyson said…

Yes, that is the mighty Tandleman, captured from his best side-from the back. The happy chap not wishing to be parted from his glasses is Don Ricardo; a CAMRA legend.


I fear that, without the redoubtable Mrs T to guide you, that you were guilty of a schoolboy error. You followed the stampede to the nearest handpump instead of venturing a little further. Thereby avoiding the initial rush and getting to sample some excellent beers.
Tandleman said…
Well I suppose talking to John Clarke is a schoolboy error, as was Windermere Pale, but both I was happy to make. I didn't really feel too disappointed with what I had, though missing the Jarl does hurt!

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