Breakfast Beer Tasting: 5am Saint

This is an “iconoclastic amber ale” brewed by the notorious/infamous, never knowingly uncontroversial, Brewdog of Fraserburgh, Scotland.

The basics: It’s a 330ml bottle weighing in at 5%. It boasts no less than five varieties of malts, including Caramalt (a very pale Crystal Malt) and Nelson Sauvin and Amarillo hops. For good measure it’s dry hopped with Simcoe, Cascade, Centennial. Ahtanum and Nelson Sauvin.

It poured a deep amber colour with very good carbonation and a healthy looking frothy head. Aroma was zesty citrus and some tropical fruit.

Taste: This one tends to wash over you as the Nelson Sauvin battles for dominance on your tongue. The malts give it some depth but it’s the tart hops that really linger.

Finish: Short and tart.

Conclusion: A pleasing little diversion for hopheads, but it lacks the complexity of some of its rivals. Personally I think it’s better on draught. One for your hophead friend.


beersay said…
I tried this from a bottle for the first time too last weekend, really enjoyed it, massive aroma as you're drinking. Definitely one I'll look out for on draught. Cheers!
Tandleman said…
Coming on in the Baum soon as is the repulsive Alpha Dog.

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