Breakfast Beer Tasting: Centennial IPA

This is a cheeky little (655ml) IPA from the Founders Brewery in Grand Rapids, Michigan. Founders have been brewing since 1997 and have gradually expanded and are now highly successful and highly rated. In 2010, ranked them as the 4th best brewery in the world.

Since it’s a well known fact that Ratebeer rankings are only good for wiping your arse on, I was looking forward to this breakfast beer.

The basics: This is a 7.2% IPA. It’s a regular Founders brew and weighs in at 65 IBUs. It poured a hazy amber hue with a reasonable carbonation and a tight frothy head. Aroma was orange, and citrus on the nose

Taste: A classic IPA. You could taste the dry hopping but the mouthfeel was full bodied and yet smooth. The tingle of the hops is cleverly offset by the malt undertone that stops it going overboard.

Finish: Short. Initially hoppy and then balances out. Very satisfying.

Conclusion: An incredibly well balanced IPA that doesn’t drink its ABV. You could certainly sink a few of these. One to offer the girlfriend on her birthday.


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