Breakfast Beer Tasting: Crooked Tree IPA

Today’s breakfast treat is Dark Horse Crooked Tree IPA. Dark Horse are an American brewery based in Marshall, Michigan.

The basics: No sign (again) of any ABV. Are all American drinkers psychic or is it they just don’t care? Anyway, it’s a standard 12 oz bottle. It poured hazy amber with good carbonation and a very tight off-white head. It had an appealing, quite strong, hop aroma of pine and grapefruit.

Taste: Quite full bodied and hinting at a high ABV. Pine and floral hops strongly dominate upfront to give it a “classic” IPA taste with some grapefruit at the back. Not as astringent as I was expecting.

Finish: Quite short; piny.

Conclusion: More balanced than many American IPAs, but, for me, just lacking that killer punch that would make it stand out more from the competition. One for your uncle.

Update: Ok so it’s 6%. It tastes stronger, so I’m marking it down for lack of ease of drinking.


Sue said…
It's due to an outdated Federal Law that no-one has successfully challenged as yet. You would think putting the strength on would be a Good Idea, especially for drivers trying to choose a sensible drink, but no.
RedNev said…
Sue: interesting that idiot policies relating to drink aren't just confined to dear old Blighty.

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