Breakfast Beer Tasting: Green Room Icon

It’s always good to try a beer from a brewery you haven’t come across before and so it is today. Green Room Ales are based in St Austell and have been brewing since mid 2009.

The basics: The first thing that strikes you is that it’s a clear bottle. Something, I’ve always been told, most brewers frown upon. However, it does give you the opportunity to immediately size up the beer which was pale amber/golden. It’s a 500ml bottle and is 4%. It’s bottled at Keltek brewery where, I believe,  Green Room have been brewing since reaching capacity.

There was moderate carbonation and a large frothy head. Not much aroma but some fruit and biscuit malt.

Taste: Easy going and light bodied. A little fruit with some biscuit malt dryness. Slightly lager like. Nothing too demanding, but certainly not unpleasant. Would be interesting to see if the cask version has more oomph, though.

Finish: Short mix of fruit and malt.

Conclusion: A good session beer for your Cornwall holiday or at a BBQ. Possibly a good introduction for lager drinkers crossing the divide. One for your lager drinking mate.


Leigh said…
Agree re: clear glass. Interesting branding though and a decent-sounding beer for spring-clean, sessionable,unfussy.
Tyson said…
Yes, full marks for creativity on branding and I think the beer is what I would class as a "palate cleanser."
Baron Orm said…
We didn't like Green Room ale when we tried them, found all of them to be bland and/or disappointing - would be ok if it was cheap <£1.30 but not ok if it's normal bottled beer prices.

This is what we thought of them:
Tyson said…

I haven't tried the other two you had, but I agree Icon isn't going to set the brewing world ablaze. I found it just too thin overall, but I would still like to try the cask version.

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