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Saturday, 26 March 2011

Breakfast Beer Tasting: Hopdaemon .Skrimshander I.P.A

Hopdaemon are from Newnham, Kent and have been brewing since 2000.

The basics: This 4.5% pale ale comes in a 500ml bottle and is described as “Deliciously fruity with spicy citrus hop aromas.” It poured copper coloured with little carbonation and a thin off-white head that quickly evaporated. There was very little aroma. The slightest hint of citrus came through along with some yeast.

Taste: Medium bodied and understated with caramel malt and some sweet fruit. There’s also an unpleasant tannic tea flavour that lingers on the palate.

Finish: Burnt toast.

Conclusion: What flavours this beer did have quickly evaporated to leave an astringent aftertaste that was quite off putting. A poor example of the IPA style. One for the neighbour who still hasn’t brought your ladders back.


Ed said...

I didn't think much of that one either but their Helles is very good.

Tyson said...

Thanks for the tip-I will try it out.