Breakfast Beer Tasting: Iceni Celtic Queen

After two disappointing beers from Iceni, I’ve been asked to give them one last go. So for today’s breakfast treat we have Celtic Queen.

The basics: It’s a 4% golden ale that comes in 500ml bottle conditioned form. It poured hazy amber-that never quite cleared-with poor carbonation and a non-existent head. Very little aroma aside from a hint of sulphur.

Taste: It tasted better than it looked. Although, to be fair, that wasn’t difficult. Some malt and fruit lingers briefly on the palate, but the underlying taste is sulphur.

Finish: Short, but pleasantly dry.

Conclusion: The best of the three Iceni beers, but condition really let this down. It quickly went flat and listless and was only saved from complete blandness by a little fruit and sulphur. It might be better on draught, but it doesn’t really change the impression that Iceni are happy to churn out middling beers. One for the postman.


Anonymous said…
i have had 9 beers from this brewery all average to poor.2 of the beers are in Roger Protz,s 300 beers to try before you die.Fine Soft Day is one of them.inexplicable imo. cheers

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