Breakfast Beer Tasting: Iceni Fine Soft Day

This is the second Breakfast beer I’ve tried from Norfolk brewer Iceni. Apparently it’s their best seller, so I was hoping for an improvement on their first, not very pleasant, effort.

The basics: It’s 4%, 500ml and bottle conditioned. It poured light amber with good carbonation and a good solid frothy head. Very little aroma. There was just a slight hint of maple hidden amongst the more dominant yeasty smell.

Taste: Initially not very much flavour at all and the body is disappointing for a 4% beer. Some caramel and maple does come through eventually giving it a slight bittersweet edge.

Finish: Poor. Dies before it hits the back of your throat.

Conclusion: Another disappointing beer from this brewery. Sadly, it never really rises above being bland apart from a short furore into syrupy sweetness. There seems little point in going to all the trouble of bottle conditioning when the basic product is so badly flawed. One for the husband of the woman who lets her dog piss outside your house.


Barry said…
I have also found Iceni beers to be very varaiable at the various festivals I've tried them at.

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