Breakfast Beer Tasting: Iceni It's A Grand Day

Iceni are based on the edge of the Thetford Forest, in the Brecklands area of Norfolk. Now Norfolk, for some reason, isn’t the best county in terms of good breweries and, having tried Iceni on cask, I was interested in seeing what this bottled version would be like.

The basics: It’s a 500ml bottle conditioned 4.5% golden ale. It did indeed pour a bright gold colour with excellent carbonation and a creamy white head. Aroma wasn’t strong but a little sweet spice came through. Looks good, smells ok.

Taste: Oh dear, this is where the wheels came off. The initial sweet fruit evaporates to become bitter and then unpleasantly astringent. There’s a sensation of cloying ginger which makes it quite hard to drink.

Finish: Cloying ginger that sticks to the throat.

Conclusion: This beer seems to have fallen between two rocks. It should either have more bitterness to give it a crisp hoppy bite or more ginger and be more like Marble Ginger. Instead it’s neither and I found it hard work as there is little to redeem it. One for the woman who lets her dog piss outside your house.


Paul Garrard said…
"Norfolk, for some reason, isn’t the best county in terms of good breweries" not as good as Suffolk I'll grant you but it is pretty bloody good!.Woodfordes, Grain, Green Jack to name just 3, I could go on. Iceni on cask is usually fantastic ale but their bottled variety seems to be very hit and miss. I think I know why.

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