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Sunday, 20 March 2011

Breakfast Beer Tasting: Kernel Pale Ale Columbus

Needing something, hopefully, refreshing after yesterday’s exertions, it was time for a Pale Ale breakfast once again.

The basics: This is another one from London microbrewery Kernel. It’s a 50 cl bottle conditioned 5.3% beer flavoured with the American hop Columbus. It poured hazy amber with reasonable carbonation, but a small head that almost immediately evaporated. The aroma wasn’t very strong, but grapefruit and marmalade were detectable.

Taste: Quite mellow and medium bodied, the first impression of marmalade gives way to some pleasing hop bitterness. Easy drinking enough, but there’s not much else going on taste wise.

Finish: Very brief. Disappointing.

Conclusion: If this was 4.3% then it would be more impressive. But, although it doesn’t drink its strength, it simply hasn’t got enough going for it at 5.3%. There are several more impressive beers out there. One for your sister.


West Country Ales said...

Very surprised at that. I've tried 43-4 of their beers and found them all to be excellent.

Tyson said...

For me, I'm afraid, apart from being quite hazy, it just wasn't as crisp and distinctive as I would have liked.