Breakfast Beer Tasting: Nelson Sauvin

This the fourth and final part of the “Punk is dead” quartet and showcases New Zealand’s very own Nelson Sauvin hop. This is high in alpha acids and is possibly my favourite single hop when used in cask beer, so I had high hopes for this bottle.

The basics: No surprises that it’s 330ml, 7.5% and has 75 IBUs. Nor that it’s golden with a good sized frothy head. The aroma is pungent, an intoxicating mix of ripe gooseberries, mango and peach.

Taste: A smooth mouthfeel soon gives chase to an intense zesty hop bitterness of gooseberries and tropical fruit. The hops tingle on the tongue and in the cheeks. Very moreish and ridiculously easy drinking for a 7.5% beer.

Finish. Tropical fruit bitterness that demands you have another.

Conclusion: A hopheads delight. The best of this Brewdog range. One to keep.


RedNev said…
Not a good breakfast beer if driving to work shortly after.
Tyson said…
One advantage of being a non-driver:)

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