Breakfast Beer Tasting: Punk IPA (Canned)

Saturday. The weekend proper. Time to cut loose and boogie on down. No time for an Oatibix breakfast today, though. We’re off to Cumbria and the Hawkshead Brewery Hall for their beer festival. Amongst others, the mighty Tandleman will also be there. And, as we all, know he drinks like a fish, so I’m having a proper Spoons breakfast later.

In the meantime and to mark the occasion, I thought I would try something different. But I know what you are thinking. Brewdog in a can? That’s got to be wrong, right? Well if anyone can get away with putting Punk IPA in a can, Brewdog can.

The basics: I like the look of the can, but why is it so farting small? 330 ml is a joke. Or is it just a con to make you buy twice as much as you normally might? Naughty Brewdog.

The beer is 5.6% and was (I believe) canned at Daniel Thwaites. They have gone for light filtration and, interestingly, it’s unpasteurised. It poured amber coloured with weak carbonation and a little head that quickly evaporated.

Aroma was pleasant. Not pungent, but mango and grapefruit came through

Taste: Not bad, but noticeably sweeter than the present cask version and much less bitter than the previous bottle version which was 6%. Grapefruit and citrus hops are present, but there’s no hiding a sweet caramel undertone. Easy drinking for 5.6%, though.

Finish: Very short bitter bite that dies almost immediately.

Conclusion: Not a bad beer and it works in a can-to a fashion. However, it fails to live up to the hype and the initial promising aroma. Brewdog had this beer nailed and dropping the bitterness and ABV smells, frankly, of dumbing down. Which is particularly disappointing given the lengths they have gone to establish their reputation. One for your mate who usually drinks canned Boddingtons.


Tandleman said…
Huh. Not walking the walk then Brew Dog. Were these freebies?

Like a fish? Like a proper chap you mean.
Tyson said…
Nah, not these. My blogging integrity deamnds that I buy these. Non of their freebies for me. I like to be completely independent.

Plus, I doubt Brewdog have heard of me:)
Curmudgeon said…
Have you tried the 5.6% bottled version to see how it compares with the cans? "Weak carbonation" sounds like the last thing you'd expect in a can :-(

I've not actually encountered the canned version yet - but apparently it launches in Sainsbury's next week.
RedNev said…
I agree TM is a mighty drinker, but I've always managed to drink him under the table.

(Previous comment deleted because of a typing error)
Tandleman said…
RedNev - Only because I know when to stop. (-;
Steve W said…
I was also disappointed with the cans. After all the hype and some bloggers raving about them, the reality was quite different. Yes, they're better than a can of John Smiths but they're certainly not the future of craft drinking.
Tyson said…

Perhaps I should have said "surprisingly weak carbonation" as it was much less than I was expecting.

I have tried the bottled version and found it far superior. However, for people who have no benchmark, I expect the can to be highly rated.
Tyson said…

Everyone knows that Mrs T is actually the heavy hitter drinker at Tandleman Towers.

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