Breakfast Beer Tasting: Sorachi Ace

This is another in the Brewdog series of “Punk is dead” and this time showcases Sorachi Ace. This is a Japanese hop and an unusual choice for an IPA. Having had it on draught at the Grove recently, I was looking forward to comparing it with the bottled version.

The basics: It’s 330ml, 7.5% and has 75 IBUs. It pours a golden hue with decent carbonation and a large, soapy head. The aroma is pungent lemon and fennel.

Taste: Medium bodied, but not as easy drinking as the Citra. Somehow it seems stronger. There’s lemon, pine and fennel and a trace of bubblegum. Definitely unusual.

Finish. Medium bitterness with a tart fruit finish.

Conclusion: An interesting way to showcase this odd hop. Not as moreish or complex as the Citra, though. Perhaps it needs to be combined with more citrus flavours? One for your second cousin.


RedNev said…
You didn't report on its interaction with the Oatibix!
Tyson said…
Thanks for asking:) It actually didn't suit it very well-perhaps I should swap to Weetabix?

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