Breakfast Beer Tasting: Southern Tier Pale Ale

This is a Pale Ale from the Southern Tier brewery. No, I’ve never heard of them either. But according to the bottle they are based in Lakewood, New York. So the countdown to the weekend begins with an American Pale Ale.

The basics: According to the bottle, it’s 12 oz. interestingly, there’s no ABV printed on the bottle-I shall check on that later. It does say that it’s brewed with two types of malt and two types of malt, but doesn’t give any details.

It poured a lovely golden straw colour with good carbonation and a tight capped frothy head. The aroma is less intense than an IPA, but is still very inviting. Clear notes of grapefruit and tangerine are present.

Taste: Crisp and medium bodied with zesty grapefruit, some tangerine and well balanced bitterness. Whatever the strength, it’s easy on the palate and very moreish. After last night’s excesses, it’s certainly hitting the spot.

Finish: Slowly dries out to leave a slight grapefruit bitterness at the back of the throat.

Conclusion: A very satisfying and accomplished beer. It would pass muster as an IPA and as a Pale Ale, it excels. A keeper.

Update: Some uncertainty here, but it’s most likely 6%. It certainly doesn’t taste like it, so well done, guys.


RedNev said…
6.1%, according to their website.
steve said…
Might not be the same beer as the 6.1% refers to their current Pale Ale which has 3 malts and 3 hops.

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