Breakfast Beer Tasting: Suke Quto Coffee IPA

This is an unusual beer from the Kernel Brewery that I first tried at the Port St Beer House, Manchester, some weeks ago. That was after a few scoops, so I was looking forward to trying it fresh.

The basics: Kernel are a small brewery based in Druid St, London. This is a 6.5% IPA and is bottle conditioned. It poured a cloudy burnt orange/gold colour with little carbonation and only a slight head. A little like my last sample to the doctor. Thankfully the aroma was much better with definite marmalade, fruit and just a hint of coffee.

Taste: Full bodied and rich. This is not an easy drinking session beer for the uninitiated. Starts with a classic IPA taste of oranges and powerful hops before the coffee kicks in which gives it a fair smack of bitterness.

Finish: You really get the coffee effect in this. A sharp, lingering bitterness that sticks to the back of the throat.

Conclusion: A good attempt at something different. Not for everyone, but I enjoyed the level of bitterness. One to give to a coffee loving friend.


scott murray said…
This looks like a bottle for the stocks, i love thinking about the idea of mixing flavours that no one has tryed before and this was on my mind, hope to see more breweries following in this trend.

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