Breakfast Beer Tasting: Titanic Iceberg

Titanic have been brewing in Burslem, Stoke on Trent since 1985. The brewery is named after Captain Edward John Smith who was born locally and who was, of course, in command of the ill-fated liner.

The basics: Iceberg can be very refreshing on cask, so I was looking forward to comparing it with the bottled version. It’s 500ml, 4.1% and comes in a clear bottle. It poured clean golden with good carbonation and a tight off-white head. Lots of lemon and citrus fruits in the aroma.

Taste: Light and very quaffable. There’s refreshing lemon and grapefruits tones along with some spicy wheat. The Cascade hops come through to give it a very satisfying dry edge.

Finish: Lingering and dry.

Conclusion: An excellent beer. It doesn’t quite have the zesty hop punch of the cask version, not that I would really expect it to, but if you enjoy the cask version, then you will appreciate this. One for the beer rack.


Anonymous said…
Nice one Tyson,
Iceberg was one of the beers I always used to go for when I first started drinking in Burslem. The Bulls Head is Titanic's Brewery Tap & my local so I don't tend to go for it much these days as there is so much choice, but will definitely revisit next time I'm in.
Other popular beers are White Star, Anchor and my personal favourite Captain Smiths. There are others and many seasonals too. The latest I think semi permanent brew is Nine Tenths Below a 5.9% IPA.

I know a lot of the brewery & pub staff so will pass on your review & comments.


Baron Orm said…
Sounds really good and not one that I've baron rated yet so I'll add it to the list.

I really like these beer reviews but you're not actually drinking them at breakfast time are you?
Anonymous said…
Hehe, Baron you know I've often pondered that question too ;)
Tyson said…

Thanks for the comment. I've been a fan of Titanic practically since they started brewing.


Er, yes. When else would I be drinking them?

Inspired by the likes of your good self, I decided to do some bottle reviews. The problem was finding the time. But then I hit upon the solution. I’m up early most days, so logistically the time before work was the perfect opportunity.

I just pretend I’m on holiday in Belgium:)
Barry said…
I love Titanic beer although they don't produce enough new ones for us tickers:) Btw love the breakfast tastings but not sure I could get away with it!
paul garrardp said…
Now this beer is particularly horrible both on cask and in the bottle. Tastes of ear wax!

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