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Thursday, 10 March 2011

Go To The Mardi Gras

Some surprise news today with the announcement that JD Wetherspoons has opened its first shopping centre based venue. And it’s local. They have spent £995,000 in transforming the former Dexter’s Bar & Grill into The Mardi Gras.

And where is it? The Trafford Centre. Yes, that monstrosity that no sane person willingly sets foot in. Over inflated shop prices and not one decent drinking establishment hardly motivates one to do. However, this could all change with the arrival of the Mardi Gras. It will also be interesting to see how this affects the business of their Castle in the Air which is next door to the Trafford Centre.

Full review to follow.


Grotsnot said...

JDW have had a bar in the Metro Centre, Gateshead for 13 years. There's one in the Angel as well.

Tyson said...

Ok, we're obviously way behind the times here in the North West.

Curmudgeon said...

I see no reason why a JDW shouldn't succeed in the Trafford Centre, although probably the food/drink mix will be different from those in town centres.

Tyson said...

Oh I agree. It's almost a natural progression for them although, as you say, the mix will be different. Certainly makes the place more appealing to me.

Tandleman said...

Doesn't to me. I've never been. A proud record I think.

Cooking Lager said...

What is the secret, tand? How do you get the missus to accept you drinking all day and not have to step foot in shopping malls?

phil55494 said...

So they'll be following in the footsteps of local chain Kro who've had a bar there for about a year now.

RedNev said...

Actually Cooking Lager, that is a good question!