The Luck Of The Oirish

However, it’s not all doom and gloom in beautiful Bury. Oh no. There’s a new and exciting kid on the block. The former O’Neill’s on Silver St has been purchased by the Stonegate Pub Company and, along with eight other former O’Neill’s; it has had a complete makeover.

Now we all know what the problem is with O’Neill’s. They are a tired and embarrassingly dated “Plastic Paddy” concept. And many of them are struggling to keep pace in areas where competition is tight. Former owners Mitchells & Butlers aren’t (completely) daft and that’s why they have sold their worst performers off.

Given all that, it was interesting to see what Ian Payne, chairman of Stonegate Pub Company had to say about their plans: “We’re bringing the next generation of Irish bars to the high street by taking the best of O’Neill’s and adding our own magic.”

So welcome to Molloys, which we are told will offer a "truly authentic Irish offering on the high street.” Now that’s clever. Rebranding an Oirish bar as an Oirish bar. These guys should really be working for the government.

Some churlish people have claimed that this new Oirish bar bears an uncanny resemblance to the old Oirish bar. But let’s put the record straight. This one is called Molloys. And it’s been painted. Any other resemblance is purely coincidental.


RedNev said…
I hate "Irish" pubs: Irish surname in pub name, old tat gathering dust, no carpet or comfortable seating, old Guinness posters all over the place, an "Irish" band of playing Black Velvet Band, Wild Rover and Fields of Athenry all night and, most importantly, no decent beer.

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