100% Cask

It was doubly good news when the Old White Lion on Bolton St recently returned to the cask fold. Firstly, with the appearance of Bury’s very own Outstanding Blonde on the bar, it means that all the pubs in the town centre are once more offering real ale.

And, secondly, it was particularly gratifying to see a handpump back in use at the OWL as it’s a CAMRA  Heritage Pub. More information about its historical content can be found here
As an aside, it also boasts some rather old-school keg fonts. Not surprising as it boasts some rather old-school clientele who love the old-school singalongs that the pub regularly hosts. So, if you’re stuck in the 70s, why not try the Trophy Bitter (brewed at Hydes, I think), the Bass Mild or the Whitbread Light? 


Tandleman said…
Blasts from the past indeed!
sean said…
Sounds like worth calling in just for the fonts.

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