Breakfast Beer Tasting: Ballast Point Big Eye IPA

Ballast Point is an American brewery which is based in San Diego and has been brewing for some 15 years. All their beers celebrate their love of fishing.

The basics: It’s a 355ml bottle and weighs in at a respectable 7% with a healthy 85 IBUs. It’s a good job I’m not driving to work. Or indeed planning to do any work today!

It poured clear amber with a large, white, frothy head. The aroma is pungent floral hops and some citrus.

Taste: Medium bodied and pleasantly smooth. The four types of malt work well to give it some balance and allow the Cascade & Centennial hops to soak through onto the palate. Plenty of grapefruit and floral bite, but not as overwhelming as some others.

Finish: Fades away to give a lingering back of the throat dryness.

Conclusion: An excellent, well structured IPA that drinks under its strength and deserves its moreish reputation. One for Mother’s Day.


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