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Saturday, 9 April 2011

Breakfast Beer Tasting: Elmtree Dark Horse Stout

After my somewhat sweeping statement about the quality of bottled Norfolk beer-mainly based on my experience with Iceni-I was urged to try some others. Elmtree are a very small brewery in Snetterton, Norwich and have been brewing since 2007.

The basics: I liked the look of this bottle. It gave lots of information apart from the basics that it’s 5% and bottle conditioned. I learnt that it’s made from East Anglian barley, contains Challenger and Goldings hops and is suitable for vegans. The beer is allowed to condition in the bottle for two months.

It poured jet black with, despite my best efforts, no discernible head whatsoever. The aroma was an appealing, quite subtle, mix of coffee and sweet fruit.

Taste: Medium bodied and velvet smooth on the tongue. Roast malt and some tart fruit gives way to a pleasing crisp hop bitterness.

Finish: Mellow with some fruit and bitterness lingering.

Conclusion: Whilst some drinkers of strong Stouts may find this lacking, I liked it. It was very smooth and there was a good balance of fruit and bitterness that made it very drinkable. One for your father.

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