Breakfast Beer Tasting: Great Divide Yeti Imperial Stout

It’s the weekend. It’s Saturday. It’s the FA Cup semi-final Manchester derby. It’s the swaggering, moneybags vs. the poor underdogs. That’s Man City v Man Utd for those not paying attention. Win or lose, it’s a big day. And what better way to start such a big day than with a big beer?

And so to Great Divide Yeti Imperial Stout. Great Divide are based in Colorado and are well established on the American beer scene, having been brewing since 1994.

The basics: It’s a tiny 355ml bottle. However, even I can’t begrudge it that, as it weighs in at an impressive breakfast-bowl-busting 9.5%. Imperial Stouts were named after the connection with the Russian Imperial Court who liked their beers strong, so that’s fair enough.

It poured black as a coalmine with a very large brown, latte type head. The aroma was intense. Heavy doses of dark bitter chocolate, roast malt and coffee.

Taste: Impressive. Packed full of intense flavours, but it’s far more drinkable than I was expecting. Chewy chocolate and a lot of coffee here, but the real punch is the hop bitterness that attacks you like Balotelli at a team practice. Definitely 75 IBUs.

Finish: One for the hopheads. Lingering and powerfully bitter.

Conclusion: Superb and immensely drinkable. I don’t know if Catherine the Great would have recognised this as an Imperial Stout, but it’s a great drink, irrespective of that. One to keep under the bed.


Lee said…
That should sort the men from the boys.
Barry said…
I'd love to try this one. But maybe not at breakfast!
Reanna said…
You know what they say. Once you go black, you never go back:)

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