Breakfast Beer Tasting: Green Jack Orange Wheat

One of the beers I’ve yet to try in the current Wetherspoons beer festival is the Green Jack Orange Wheat Beer. As a precursor to that, I thought I would try the bottled version.

The basics: A standard 500ml bottle that clocks in at 4.2%. It poured as a golden ale with poor carbonation and a very thin white head. Not much in the way of aroma except for a faint impression of marmalade.

Taste: Quite thin and bland really. You do get some orange, some dry bitterness and a slight sourness, but not in any great measure.

Finish: Slight orange dryness.

Conclusion: Disappointing really. I see that the Ormskirk Baron has rated it a 3/5, but I’d say 2/5. Whilst the American hops did lend it some bitterness, there simply wasn’t enough. Ditto for the East Anglian Wheat and the orange peel. One for the significant other.


Sue said…
Had it in the Tim Bobbin in Urmston last Thursday. Definitely orangey but not spectacular.
steve said…
I also found this disappointing. You're expecting much more with the name and all the hype.But there's very little there at the end of the day.
Barry said…
Not had the bottled version but the cask version is underwhelming.
Anonymous said…
When you look at the awards this beer has won, and my previous tasting of this beer I really have to disagree with you all. Gold | Speciality Ales | Norwich 2000
Silver | Overall | Leicester 2005
Gold | Speciality Ales | Norwich 2005
Gold | Overall Champion | Norwich 2005
Gold | Flavoured Ales | Peterborough 2006
Gold | Speciality Ales | Norwich 2006
Silver | Overall | Norwich 2006
Silver | Flavoured Ales | Peterborough 2007
Gold | Speciality Ales | Norwich 2007
Silver | Speciality Ales | SIBA East 2009
Gold Speciality Ales Swindon 2009
Silver Overall Swindon 2009
Bronze Speciality Ales SIBA East 2010
paul garrard said…
This is a great beer often found locally to me. Well it's not brewed many miles away. Old cliche but perhaps it doesn't travel.

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