Breakfast Beer Tasting: Hopshackle ESB

After trying Hopshackle’s Historic Porter, my curiosity was piqued enough to try their Extra Special Beer.

The basics: It’s a standard 500ml, bottle conditioned and weighs in at 4.8%. It poured dark amber with good carbonation and a large beige head. There was quite an aroma of toasted malt and caramel.

Taste: Medium bodied. There was an initial taste of caramel and some fruit, but mainly it’s toasted malt and a little astringent bitterness.

Finish: Short. A quick burst of medium bitterness.

Conclusion: Disappointing. There’s nothing particularly special about this Extra Special Bitter. One for the milkman.


Baron Orm said…
It's a shame that you found this one disappointing as we've only found Hopshackles to be excellent.

I think we have this one on the box for tonight's audio 'baron rating' so I'll post back once we've tried it.

Make sure this doesn't put you off other Hopshackles as they are very good, certainly the stronger ABVs are pure class (although maybe not a breakfast beer!).

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