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Wednesday, 20 April 2011

Breakfast Beer Tasting: Lymestone Stone The Crows

Lymestone are based in Stone (no coincidence) in Staffordshire. They’ve been brewing since 2008. I’ve come across their beers several times, mainly in Wetherspoons, but hadn’t tried any of their bottled beers until today.

The basics: It’s 5.4% and 500ml. It poured deep ruby with a small beige head. The aroma was quite slight; with sweet malt, caramel and a little fruitiness
Taste: Medium bodied. The bottle claims Styrian Golding, Millennium and Nugget hops, but there was little evidence of them here. Mainly sweet malt and caramel with some dried fruit.

Finish: A short burst of caramel sweetness.

Conclusion: I’m not really sure what this is supposed to be-perhaps a strong Mild? But at 5.4% it really lacked any definition and was rather insipid. One for your dog. 


Ian Bradford said...

I'm fascinated at your comments given there's over a kilo of hops per barrel in this beer. I suggest you lay off the cheese a bit and perhaps drink later in the day.
Lymestone Brewer and owner

Tandleman said...

Sounds like a second opinion is needed Tyson.

Tyson said...


Sorry you didn't like the review, but I can only tell it like I find it.


See above!

Baron Orm said...

We audio 'baron rated' this last week but I've yet to post it on the blog, I'll edit the audio and get it live tonight but ignoring all that we thought it was pretty good!

We liked the chocolatey element running all the way through and found it to be balanced and well-rounded.

Keep an eye out for our score tonight...

Tyson said...


From what the brewer implies, I think we're supposed to find it hoppy. Also, personally, I think there is a difference between lacking depth of flavour and being "well rounded." Particularly in a 5.4% beer.

The Hearty Goodfellow said...

I'm a big fan of this brewery. Two others from the range have scored well on my chart.

This one still waits on the dining room floor (the 'cellar') but after reading this I'll be fascinated to see how it compares to those.

I do agree that opinions are opinions and should be heard without fear of rebuke, but when you end a piece on such a note, you do rather invite 'defensive manoeuvres.'

Unless, of course, you really love to spoil your dog and we've totally misread that closing statement.

Tyson said...


You're getting closer to it. How does "one for your dog" compare with "one for great cousin"? Depends on how you feel about your great cousin, and your dog, of course.

When I said "one for your dog", I wasn't implying that it was aboslutely undrinkable. Rather that it was a little bland. Which is how my dog likes his beer.

Barry said...

I found this to be a strong Mild. Chewy caramel and chocolate. Not bitter at all and very average. Puzzlingly strong at 5.4% as well.

Ian Bradford said...

I'm glad your blog (and my response)has generated a few comments. Please be aware I have re-tweeted your tasting as I value ALL feedback and not just that with which I agree. I would defend your right to voice your opinion and as such retweeted. I felt however that the last line of your blog invited some sort of comeback as you described my beer as insipid and one for the dog. I would class this as insulting but retweeted nevertheless. If it's hops your looking for, they are there in abundance but they are masked by a blend of Maris otter dark crystal and dark chocolate malts. Why? To give a balanced darker beer that sells by the bucketful (and bottle). Thats all.

Baron Orm said...

My audio 'baron rating' is now live, we gave this a solid 4/5:


Tandleman said...

Observation: Masking hops with dark crystal and dark chocolate malt? Hmm. Why put so much hops in at all if it then needs a masking exercise?

John Firling said...

Just tastes of dark crystal. No hops. Nothing. Who likes that?