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Tuesday, 5 April 2011

Breakfast Beer Tasting: Meantime London Lager

I’m a big fan of Meantime beers. But then who isn’t? So I had high hopes of their London Lager.

The basics: It’s a svelte 330ml and 4.5%. It poured clear golden with excellent carbonation and a soapy white head. There was a delicate aroma of fresh dough and malt.

Taste: Very mellow and clean tasting. It doesn’t just imitate a real Johnny-foreigner lager, it is one. A light backbone of malt is offset nicely by the Kent hops to give a refreshing crisp edge.

Finish: A little sweet malt and fruit.

Conclusion: Delivers what it promises. The only real minus is the child-sized bottle. Whether that’s to cater for the Stars & Stripes market or simply the old take that lager should be served in smaller bottles is irrelevant. It’s silly and needs sorting. One for your brother.


Tandleman said...

Who isn't? I isn't. Too bloody variable and mostly too bloody ordinary.

Jonathan said...

I love Meantime. They do a fantastic range which has something for everyone. The Helles is superb and the lager isn't half bad as well.

Barry said...

Great beers I agree. The Hospital Porter is my favourite. The only problem is finding them in the Midlands:)

Tyson said...


Well it's no secret that you are a funny bugger.

Tandleman said...

But a funny bugger with a f**king great palate!

Anonymous said...

tandleman talking through his arse as usual!!!

Mike Northall said...

I drink it regularly and actually find Meantime very consistant. Far more so than the other LOndon brewers,in fact. Given a choice of all their beers, I think it would be Kellerbier every time for me.