Breakfast Beer Tasting: Ole Slewfoot White Dove

The oddly named Ole Slewfoot is named after an old North American Bear that has been the subject of many songs. The brewery produces variations on English and Belgium ales.

The basics: This is a Belgium style white beer. It’s bottle-conditioned, 3.7%, is naturally cloudy and is suitable for vegans. It poured very pale and very lively; it came out of the bottle faster than Usain Bolt at a free, all-you-can-eat Chinese buffet.

The head was large, white, and fluffy with an aroma of cloves, spices, banana and elderflower.

Taste: Thin on the palate. There is coriander and some spiced ginger, but in surprisingly low quantities. Perhaps they feared overload in such a low strength beer?

Finish: Meek and mild.

Conclusion: Not bad, but not as refreshing as I had hoped. There’s potential here, but it needs more oomph, as the appearance is rather of a thinner younger brother, rather than the real thing. One for your maidenly aunt. 


RedNev said…
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RedNev said…
Surely you're running out of relations to give all these beers to!

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