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Tuesday, 19 April 2011

Breakfast Beer Tasting: Quantock Stout

Quantock are based in Somerset and have been brewing since 2007. I haven’t tried their beers before, but have heard good things about them.

The basics: It’s 500ml and is a bottle-conditioned, 4.5%, “distinctive dry Stout.” It poured black with a tight beige head. The aroma was a heady mix of dark chocolate, caramel and hints of coffee and dark fruit.

Taste: Medium bodied with an initially smooth mouthfeel. There’s a lot going on here with plenty of chocolate, coffee and lingering notes of dark fruit. Behind it all is a dry bitterness that builds up as you go further down the glass.

Finish: Medium dry bitterness.
Conclusion: Excellent. Does what it says on the tin. A satisfying, complex and, importantly for me, dry Stout. One for your great-uncle.

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arn said...

I have some waiting for me this weekend, the anticipation grows!!
I been reviewing their others beers over the last month, good solid range overall.