Breakfast Beer Tasting: Summerskills Guzzale

Summerskills are based in Plymouth and have been brewing in their present incarnation since 1990. The brewery owner is a former member of the Royal Navy and their logo is the ship crest from H.M.S Bigbury Bay. The Royal Naval Association benefits from sales of this bottle.

The basics: A 500ml, 4.6% bottle-conditioned ale. I liked the bottle which gave a lot of local detail. So I leant that the name of the beer stems from the nickname for Plymouth and where the lager malt, Pilgrim & First Gold hops came from.
This was very lively. It poured amber with a very large off-white head. There was a slight sweet malt, toffee aroma.

Taste: Quite creamy. Mainly caramel/toffee notes and a little fruit in the aftertaste. Not much in the way of bitterness.

Finish: Short and malty.

Conclusion: A reasonable standard Bitter. However, it lacks the bitterness to tickle my personal palate. One for you aunty.


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