Breakfast Beer Tasting: Wold Top Bitter

Wold Top beers are quite common on this side of the great divide, but I had yet to try one of this Yorkshire brewer’s bottled offerings. Until today.

The basics: The bottle was 500ml with an unusual (for bottling) strength of only 3.7%. So a straight attempt at reproducing their flagship Bitter. It poured light-amber with little carbonation and a thin beige head. There is a subtle aroma of sweet malt and some fruit hop.

Taste: Medium bodied with a well balanced, moderately malty, base. There is some tart fruit before the bitterness of the hops comes through.

Finish; Short, but quite dry.

Conclusion: A successful adaptation of the cask version. The Crystal Malt and Northdown hops are used to good effect to create an easy-drinking, old-school, session ale. One for your doctor.


Tandleman said…
No sign of their usual overwhelming phenols then?
Tyson said…
Not in the bottle I had.

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