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Wednesday, 18 May 2011

Breakfast Beer Tasting: Kernel Black IPA

Back to life.
Back to reality.

Or so the song goes.. And how better to see in a return to normality than with a breakfast beer? I certainly could do with one before work. Obviously, though, you’re looking for a banker in such a situation. Something good that you just know will kick start the day.

Now, I’ve not tried it, but Kernel’s Black IPA comes highly recommended by none other than Tandleman. Whoa, I know what you’re thinking. Doesn’t that guy drink JW Lees? Yes, but everyone is allowed their little idiosyncrasies. Just ask Max Mosley.

The basics: It’s 33cl and tips the scales at 7%. The aroma was pungent and very enticing. A complex mix of roast malt, pine, tropical fruit, and lots of spicy hops really hit the olfactory nerve. It poured very dark, near black with excellent carbonation and a large beige frothy head.

Taste: Medium mouthfeel and an extraordinary balance of flavours that masks the alcohol content. There’s a lot going on here. There’s an initial burst of roast coffee and dark malt, before the resinous hop flavour comes through. Proper juicy, spicy, hops that give a lingering bitterness without seeming too harsh.

Finish: Deep and dry. You can taste the hops at the back of the throat.

Conclusion: Black IPAs were the new black of 2010, and with this, you can see why. Beautifully balanced and very moreish, this is a keeper. One for the beer cupboard. 


Tandleman said...

A recommendation from me is always worth having though perhaps not for brekkie.

Anonymous said...

so Tandleman can be right?

Tandleman said...

Always Mate. Always. Except when I'm not.

Tyson said...


To be fair to the big fella, he does have specialist knowledge in at least two areas: Birds and booze.

Tandleman said...

Only one of them is up to date and it ain't the birds.

Richard said...

Does Evin make a single bad beer? Blimey...

Reanna said...

You know what they say: Once you go black, you never go back.

Tyson said...


Yes, so Tandleman tells me.