Breakfast Beer Tasting: Kernel Centennial Chinook Pale Ale

Time to kick off the Bank Holiday festivities with another Kernel breakfast beer.

The basics: It’s a 5.3%, bottle-conditioned, Pale Ale. The aroma was an inviting blend of grapefruit and pine. It poured amber with good carbonation and an off-white head.

Taste: This has got plenty of bite and is very clean and crisp. There is a biscuit malt undertone, but the grapefruit and pine notes are at the forefront. Just as you would hop(e) for in a Pale Ale, there is a tart bitterness that is very appealing and refreshing.

Finish: Slightly herbal hop, long bitter finish.

Conclusion: Chinook, Centennial, Kernel. Rearrange the three words to make a very satisfying breakfast beer that consolidates the brewer’s reputation.


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