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Tuesday, 3 May 2011

Breakfast Beer Tasting: Rudgate Battleaxe

Well the holiday’s* over and it’s time to get back to work. Of course Friday has been the main topic of conversation. A large expectant crowd gathered in anticipation of the big event and when it came, it was met with a huge cheer and much jubilation. Yes, Windermere Pale certainly made an impression when it appeared on the bar.

But back to today’s breakfast beer.

The basics: It’s 500ml and is 4.8%. It poured a deep chestnut with reasonable carbonation and a tight off-white head. The aroma was roast malt and caramel with a tinge of burnt woodchip.

Taste: Medium bodied. There was an initial hint of summer berries, followed mainly by sweet malt and roasted nuts. There is some hop bitterness, but it dies on the tongue very quickly.

Finish: Sweet toffee and a slight woodiness.

Conclusion: I wasn’t really impressed with this at all. The malt/caramel flavours were only offset by a rather unpleasant woody aftertaste. A strong Bitter should be delivering more for the money. One for your great-nephew. 

*The holiday has depleted stocks of Oatibix, so today's breakfast pairing was an Eccles cake. 

1 comment:

Tandleman said...

Never cared for any Rudgate beer. I suspect the yeast just isn't to my liking.