The Future Of Bar Snacks?

There has been a lot of gnashing of teeth (and rumbling of stomachs) in the beer blogosphere recently. The problem, as many perceive it, is the decline of the humble pub snack. For those of a certain age or those young and intelligent enough to realise it, drinking time is for drinking. However, a little nibble of something along the way often does not go awry.

But, in today’s full-on-food world, there seems little room for anything less than a full meal or a convoluted and extra-laden sandwich. The simple, and cheap, pub snack seems doomed. That is why I was interested yesterday to discover two pubs offering their own individualistic take on the traditional bar snack.

In the first, customers were offered a range of Pot Noodles at 99p each. An unusual occurrence, in my experience, but I have been assured, by no less an authority than Tandleman, that this is acceptable bar snack food. However, being fully au fait with these devilish delights, I wasn’t tempted on that occasion.

In the second instance, I was offered the opportunity to sample a Ploughman’s Lunch. In a bag. Yes, this was a Ploughman’s Lunch in a, er, bag. Part of the bar snacks in a bag range; this was too good a chance to pass up.

So what does the PLIAB consist of? Well, you get some crackers, some small pickled onions and, of course, some cheese. And, crucially, a spreader. All very neat. Sadly, the verdict amongst the judges was that it was “disappointing”. Perhaps it’s not the snack of the future, but it’s heartening to see that there are still alternatives to the gastropub out there. 


Curmudgeon said…
Those PLIABs have been around for ages, and must be something of a vanishing species themselves.

The key problem is that they are just so bleeding fiddly, especially after you've consumed a pint or three.
Baron Orm said…
I agree with Curmudgeon on this one although my mate thinks they are great:
HardKnott Dave said…
I've seen them and the concept is brilliant. For me they would be better if they were just a little more substantial and of a little higher quality. But then, I'm a cheese snob.

I'd happily miss out the crackers and the pickles and opt for a great big lump of proper farm house cheddar.
Stuart said…
Do they supply the hot water with the Pot Noodles?
StringersBeer said…
PLIAB? Or the "mini-dinner".
Curmudgeon said…
Selling a small packet of TUC cheese sandwich crackers would provide the essentials of the PLIAB but eliminate the fiddle factor.
RedNev said…
I've never heard the term PLIAB, but I recognise them from the description. I thought they'd gone out with Slade and the Bay City Rollers.

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