The 100 Word Breakfast Beer Tasting: Kernel Imperial Marzen

It’s still a work day, but the holiday is getting closer. So, in preparation, and to ease me into that frame of mind, I thought “let’s try something different, but appropriate”. Welcome, Kernel Imperial Marzen.

Basics: This is a collaboration brew with Dark Star. Such a combination was always going to lead to something unusual and here we have it. It’s 330ml, bottle-conditioned, and weighs in at a respectable 9.1%.

It poured amber with good carbonation and a small off-white head. The aroma was quite pungent; marmalade, caramel and some citrus tones.

Taste: It’s got a surprisingly smooth mouthfeel for a beer of this strength. Lots of sweet, fruit malt which is nicely rounded out by the citrus hops.

Finish: Slight fruit bitterness.

Conclusion: Not a traditional Marzen, but well rounded and very palatable, nonetheless. 


I thoroughly enjoyed it and liked the smooth sweetness — had two bottles and wish I’d left them longer, that’s the problem with their beers can’t leave them alone.
Anonymous said…
A superb beer that is a masterclass in brewing.

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