Cider with Lizzie

As we all know, times are tough, and we’re all in it together. You’ve got to earn a few bob where you can. And so if you happen to have an orchard that delivers a bumper crop, what better way to utilise that than by turning the surplus into cider?

And that’s exactly what dear old HRH Lizzie is doing. Yes, this autumn our gracious queen will be flogging cider from her Sandringham estate. The orchards there now cover 65 acres and produce 150 tons of apples each year. This will allow her to produce 1000 jugs of 6% apple nectar at £2.50 a pop.

Whether she will be manning the cider bar herself is, at present, unknown. 

*The cartoon is courtesy of the Daily Mail


RedNev said…
I immediately thought of Thin Lizzy rather than Brenda. I thought a Thin Lizzy festival with real cider sounded a rather good idea. I'm disappointed now.
Tyson said…

That does sound like a great festival!

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