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Monday, 27 June 2011

Greater Manchester Cider & Perry Festival

Talking of cider and the like, last weekend saw the inaugural Greater Manchester Cider & Perry Festival. The first, I believe, such event to be staged anywhere north of the Watford tunnel. A welcome addition to the festival circuit, it offered a rare chance for cider heads to sample around 60 ciders and perries.

It was, as these things tend to be, a very sociable affair, and was well-run by the people on the ground. One definite problem, though, was the venue. It was held in Copper Face Jacks, which is basically the basement bar of the Palace Hotel in Manchester. No natural light and no natural cooling. It gets warm down there. Very warm.

Now this isn’t a problem if you’re just drinking the usual chilled keg stuff or a bottle from the fridge. However, offering uncooled cider and perry to thirsty punters on a summer’s day, doesn’t do anyone any favours. Apparently the heating was to blame for Friday, but even without that excuse, Saturday’s offerings were simply too warm.

Everyone wants to see the beer and cider sold at these type of events presented at their best. How else are you going to convert the masses to you cause? And not being able to manage correct serving temperatures doesn’t exactly reflect well on CAMRA. So I’d suggest that before they put their name to anymore of these events, they ensure that the basics are covered. 


RedNev said...

You could say it's teething troubles, but getting the temperature right at a CAMRA festival should be second nature nowadays with all the experience that's around.

Leigh said...

What a shame - we had a good moan about temperatures at this yea's Leeds festival. considering how vital it is, it should be paramount.

Anonymous said...

was it a good idea to have no beer at all on sale?

BeerCast Rich said...

The Scottish Real Ale Festival last week had exactly the same problem - seems like a common thread here!

Swaggy said...

Shame that you didn't think to say that you thought the cider was too warm at the festival if anything the ones on the right hand side of the bar were a little too cold as that was where the air conditioning was blowing and we could have offered you those.
As for selling no beer that was the whole point of the festival and only one person asked where the beer was and that was a joke.
As Festival Organiser thanks for your comments.

Tyson said...


I didn't criticise the festival for having no beer. I actually said it was "a welcome addition to the festival circuit." As for temperature, I, amongst others, did broach the subject. The staff agreed it was too warm, but we weren't offered anything cooler.