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Monday, 18 July 2011

Breakfast Beer Review: Kernel Imperial Brown Stout London 1856

It’s Monday. And in the words of Bob Geldof:”I don’t like Mondays.” So what’s the best way to shake off the Monday morning blues? I don’t know, but I’m going to try and blur the edges with Kernel’s Imperial Brown Stout London 1856.

Basics: This is what we technically refer to as a ‘dick-kicker’. It’s 10.1%. Yes, the breakfast beer review has finally passed the 10% barrier. It comes in the standard 330ml bottle-probably no bad thing-and according to the label was brewed on the 15.2.11.

It was very lively and poured a very dark brown/black with a small mocha foam head. The aroma was a pungent combination of roast malt and coffee.

Taste: Powerful and complex. Initial flavours of dark chocolate, liquorice, roast malt and coffee.  This develops into a strong, espresso like, bitterness that puckers on the cheek.

Finish: Long, dry-roasted coffee bitterness.

Conclusion: The powerful flavours successfully mask the high alcohol content, leading to a rich drinking experience.


Rabidbarfly said...

It just won its category at SIBA South East too. Great beer!

Barry said...

Yes a great beer but not sure I'd want it for breakfast!