Bye Bye Youngs

The end of a long chapter in brewing history was announced today with the news that Youngs are to exit brewing. They are selling their 40% stake in Wells & Young to their business partner, Charles Wells, who will pay £15.1 million to take full control of the company.
Some will say this was inevitable after Youngs sold off their own brewery and became a minority shareholder in another venture. Of course, Youngs claim that it’s beneficial as it allows them to concentrate on their pub estate. But we’ve heard that before. More likely they are heading for pubco obscurity once their supply agreement with Wells comes to an end.

So, sad, but predictable, as these things often are.


Tandleman said…
It can be a cold world out there and oddly, a brewery can provide a lot of protection. The writing was on the wall though when it wasn't a 50/50 venture from the outset.
Curmudgeon said…
Once you have become "just another pubco" you lose your USP. How many former brewers are still going as pubcos with any sense of distinct identity?
Steve Lamond said…
It will be a pubco but still with beers tied to wells and youngs I assume. I guess it couldn't be 50:50 as wells was bigger than youngs, but as Tandleman said, when the brewery was sold it was only a matter of time...
RedNev said…
Unsurprising, but I don't suppose it will make much difference to the brewery as it now exists, although I agree with CM that anonymity is the likely future of the Youngs pubco.

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