The Value of Pi(e)

Thousands of eager punters will descend on London this week as GBBF fever grips the nation. No doubt they will, at some point, try some of the fine hostelries that London has to offer. And, no doubt, they will, at some point, eat a pie. But beware. London holds many dangers apart from painted ladies and unsparklered beer.

Today’s lesson for the unwary concerns a pie. Not just any pie, though. A 3-English-cheeses pie. A “homemade” 3-English-cheeses pie, to be exact. Now this culinary delight was purchased from a GBG pub that will have to remain nameless for now. Ok, it was the Bree Louise near Euston station, since you asked.
Doesn’t it look yummy? Doesn’t it look inviting? All puffed-up and round. But, just like a Camra blood-letting initiation, there’s more to it than that. Or rather; less to it. For as soon as the outer perimeter was breached, it collapsed into its constituent parts. This appeared to be just flaky pastry and nothing else. Not a trace of any cheese, English or not.
Yes, the pie was a dry, flaky husk. And my companions seemed to fare little better with their offerings. Polite enquiries as to if perhaps the fillings had been omitted were met with an indifferent shrug. To add insult to injury, the “seasonal vegetables” accompaniment was served in a dish immersed in some murky white liquid.
A thoroughly disheartening and dismaying experience, but I am sharing this personal tragedy so that perhaps you can be spared a similar fate.  
There are eight million stories in the Naked City. This has been one of them. Let’s be careful out there and let’s do it to them before they do it to us.


Barm said…
Another confirmation of the theory often advanced in the Good Beer Guide, that pubs that don't care about the quality of their beer probably don't care about the quality of their food either.
Brew Wales said…
Get down to the Goat Major pub in Cardiff - have won pie of the year with their creations.
Bailey said…
Shame. Had a pie there last year that was absolutely top notch, and I'm quite fussy. Obviously had something like brisket or skirt, slow-cooked, in a very good gravy. I wonder if the Bree Louise is just feeling depressed now the Euston Tap and Craft Beer Co have stolen its thunder?
Andy said…
That will teach you to go in to the Louise. Did your feet stick to the carpet?
"Eddie Rowles" said…
Pie? Don't they just do stews with lids in the Bree Louise?

I'm not sure their thunder was stolen - a lot of people find the place underwhelming when it comes to the condition of their beers and despite the hyping of the place by North London CAMRA, I don't think it really compares to the ET or CBCo.

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