With Bells on Their Toes

Eccentric, some might say crackers, brewer Sam Smiths featured in the news recently as their spat with Cropton reached the High Court. Now they’ve hit the headlines again, with a seemingly strange enforcement of their strict no music policy.

The story centres on the Slubbing Billys. This innocuous troupe of Huddersfield based Morris Dancers had been performing in Durham city centre and fancied a pint. Now some would say that Morris Dancers and pubs go together as naturally as, well, Morris Dancers and pubs. But not the Swan and Three Cygnets, it appears.

For, shortly after entering the premises, the 15 strong group were asked to leave. Troupe member Duggs Carre said that: ”There was no room for argument. We were just kicked out. One of our group, in his Morris Men gear, had just ordered a pint without any problems. But two female members came in with the bells on their shoes and a woman member of staff shouted ‘No bells’ and that was it.”

This seems a tad extreme for, as Carre points out:” When you sit down, the bells don’t make any noise.” Fellow troupe member Jill Morris(!) said that they had performed all over the UK and Europe without any problem. She added: ”Apparently bells on our toes mean we will NOT have music wherever we go.”

A Sam Smiths spokesperson, as usual, had nothing to say on the matter.


RedNev said…
The particularly stupid thing about this is that morris dancers are exempt from the music in pubs laws. No licence needed.
Tyson said…
Indeed. Presumably they were unaware of this at the Swan. Or just don't like Morris Men.
Porterman said…
The peeps at The Swan dont like a lot of things and it changes like the weather. F*ck them and go to the Half-Moon or the Vic, much better choice and nicer atmos.

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