Black Bull, Lowercroft Road

It’s always heartening to see an underperforming pub come good again. So has been the case with the Black Bull on Lowercroft Road. Once a thriving community local, a change in management led to this Thwaites house see a spiral decline in its fortunes, and the removal of real ale only hastened the process.

Now under the steerage of Chris & Christine McClung, late of the Rose & Crown in Ramsbottom, the pub has seen a marked improvement in all areas. A sympathetic refit has given it a light, contemporary feel, and real ale is back in a big way with the full Thwaites range and a guest beer.

Once word had got out that the BB was back in business, customers-local and otherwise, started to flock back. Beer quality is excellent and the food operation is also of a very high calibre. So much so that, unusually for a non-rural pub, diners pack it out midweek lunchtime.
Having at last had the opportunity to try the food out myself, I can confirm the quality. My benchmark of homemade cheese & onion pie was stellar in terms of both pastry and cheese content, and the dessert of bourbon and pecan pie was also excellent. That, together with the beer quality, has seen the Black Bull force its way into the top 10 of Bury’s pubs.

The Black Bull Hotel, 8 Lowercroft Road, Bury, BL8 2EY
Open Sun-Thurs 12-12, Fri-Sat 12-1am
Food served: Mon-Fri 12-2 & 5-8, Sat 5-8, Sun 12-6


A nice antidote to the usual sob story.

Sometimes all it takes is the right kind of people with the right kind of ideas.

'Right' is a slippery eel of a word in this context, but experience seems to be a factor in his case.

Good luck to them.
Part of my previous comment was meant to read 'in this case'.

Not 'in his case'.

I'm sure Christine, if not Chris, would want me to make that crystal clear!
RedNev said…
Nice to hear some good news, even if it is out of my way! I cannot understand why pub owners sometimes put in people whose only talent is to drive a pub into failure. It's almost as though they have a corporate death wish.
Tandleman said…
I went to see Chris recently to deliver More Beer. He is very much on the ball. Glad to see it is a success.

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