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Friday, 23 September 2011

Breakfast Beer Tasting: Dark Star Imperial Stout

Dark Star Imperial Stout is the West Sussex brewer’s interpretation of this famous style. Earlier this year they, along with several other brewers, were involved in a project to bring the style back to St Petersburg.

Basics: It’s 330ml and is bottle-conditioned. Tipping the scales at 10.5% by alcohol volume, it’s definitely not a session beer. Is it just me or are these breakfast beers becoming stronger?

It poured dark as expected with a very small beige head. The aroma was a rather enticing heavy dose of dark fruits, liquorice and a little chocolate.

Taste: Full bodied and velvety. The alcohol is there, but is extremely well hidden. There’s liquorice and a hint of pepper, but the overall impression is a very drinkable blend of dark stone-fruits: cherries, plums and jujube.

Finish: Dried dark fruit and a little coffee.

Conclusion: The moreish strong fruit flavours are combined with the Target hops to deliver a very impressive beer. This would be a good beer at any strength, but at 10.5% it’s a stunning achievement.

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Darren T said...

I had a great bottle of this a couple of years back, but I think I must just have had really bad luck with it since. The last couple of bottles I've opened have poured flat as a proverbial pancake and have tasted distinctly... average. I've got one each of the 2008, 2009 and 2010 vintages in the cupboard though, so I'm keeping them for a while and hoping they'll improve.