Breakfast Beer Tasting: Indigo Imp Winter Solstice

The nights are drawing in. Well that’s my excuse for trying Indigo Imp’s Winter Solstice. That and the fact it was the first one I pulled out of the beer cupboard.

Basics:It’s brewed in Cleveland, Ohio and is bottle-conditioned. It’s 12 fl oz and is brewed with four types of malt, Cascade hops and some cinnamon and orange peel is thrown in for good measure.
It proved very lively and poured a somewhat murky amber/chestnut colour. Aroma was a moderate mix of malt and a little grapefruit.
Taste: The initial smooth mouthfeel gave way to some sweet malt/toffee notes and a warming, spicy tingle. Gets drier as the hops kick in to restore some balance.
Finish: Short and dry.
Conclusion: Once you get past the rather murky appearance, it’s not bad, if not exceptional. The added cinnamon and orange peel seem rather wasted as the overall effect is of a more standard malt and hop brew.


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