Breakfast Beer Tasting: Madcap Scotch Madness

Sometimes you just need a good strong Scotch Ale to give you that kick in the balls in the morning. Or so the mad Scot who lives opposite says, anyway. Taking him at his word, I thought I’d try some Madcap Scotch Madness.

Basics: It’s an 8.5%, bottle-conditioned, 330ml Scotch Ale. And no, it’s not named in honour of the fact that the Scots are considered only a little less barmy than the Welsh. Although they are, obviously.
It’s brewed in the wonderfully named Eccelfechan and poured a very dark tawny colour. It was very lively, but settled down to a middling, beige head. The aroma was predominantly sweet malt.
Taste: Quite creamy initially. There’s some caramel and toffee, but also a noticeable vinous quality to it. Easy going enough considering its ABV, but lacking any real depth of flavour.
Finish: Brief burst of sweet malt.
Conclusion: Disappointing. I’m not a huge fan of this style of beer, but I think this one lacked anything to justify the heavy alcohol content. One for the mad Scotsman who lives opposite you.


Barry said…
Sounds disappointing particularly given the strength.
Tyson said…

Yes, it was. Also, it claimed to have "whisky from the wood" flavours which I couldn't detect, either.

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