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Another day, another crazy supermarket alcohol-ID story. James Hood, 27, popped into his local Tesco in Chineham, Hants for some barbecue supplies. He stocked up with sausages, buns, ribs, and burgers. And Jack Daniels barbecue sauce. It was this prospective purchase that brought him woe.
For on attempting to buy the sauce, the checkout person asked him for proof of age. Unable to provide any, the embarrassed Mr Hood was forced to abandon it at the checkout. Why? Because it contains 1% alcohol and Tesco have a “Prove It” policy where anyone looking under 25 who is attempting to buy booze is required to prove their age.
Now most people may not regard 1% alcohol as “booze” and Mr Hood has rightly complained about it. For their part, Tesco have said that an automated message would have flashed up reminding the salesperson to check proof of age. Which may be correct, but are we to take it their staff are merely automatons unable to think for themselves?
Meanwhile, literally, concrete proof that being very pissed can save you from harm. An unnamed student walked away unhurt after being winched up from the roof of an accommodation block at Sussex University. After seeing him fall 20ft onto the roof, there were fears that he might have been seriously hurt.
However, the spirit of alcohol or is that alcoholic spirit, moves in mysterious ways. Being very pissed had made him so relaxed that he escaped without the usual fractures associated with trying to break a fall. And the reason for his late night fall? It’s believed he was trying to take a pee. Ah, we’ve all been there.


Curmudgeon said…
I hope he abandoned his entire shop at the checkout rather than just meekly surrendering the offending item and buying the rest.
Steve Lamond said…
"but are we to take it their staff are merely automatons unable to think for themselves? "

That's usually my conclusion
RedNev said…
When I saw a "Proof of age required" sign recently in a pub, I apologised to the barmaid for not having anything on me. She looked at me as though I were mad.
tom mann said…
I'm a manager in a supermarket. We are constantly retraining staff on think25 due to the volume of local council checks. It is likely the til prompt was an accident, probably any products with jd in the name got the prompt. Bare in mind that the fine is payable by the cashier and they will trust the till point.

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