Booths are the rather posh supermarket chain so beloved by the posh folk of the Fylde coast. Founded in 1847 in Blackpool, the company is still run by the Booth family and they now have 26 stores. Their emphasis is on locality and freshness-they are partners with Slow Food UK; thus marking them out against the other major chains. 

Traditionally they’ve been found in deepest Lancashire and Cumbria-places you either don’t want to go to or can’t get to easily. Now they have opened a store in that cradle of civilisation: Salford. Hooray. You see, I like Booths. They actually sell things I want to buy. Unlike the shit that Tesco seems to mainly fill its shelves with.
Being famous for their range of bread, beer and cheese; all a beerhound needs to live, I naturally felt obliged to pay the new store a visit. It’s in the funky (i.e. posh) MediaCityUK which, naturally, is at the terminus of the MediaCityUK tram line. This is like a Salford version of the DLR, but not quite as good, obviously.
You can tell they’re catering for the BBC personnel who are missing London, though, as the stops have real time updates. Something the peasants on the Bury line can only dream of. Anyway, the store is only a few minutes’ walk from the tram stop and is laid out over two floors.

Downstairs is the fresh food: bread, fishmongers, butchers, cheesemongers etc. There is also hot food available as well. Upstairs is where the real treasure lies. Lots and lots of beer. And cider as well. Some interesting bottles here and surprisingly reasonably priced as well. Many were £1.49 and Adnams Lighthouse was only £1.09 a bottle.

So although my wallet will feel the pain, it’s a warm welcome to Booths@MediaCityUK.

Booths can be found at The Garage, Red, MediaCityUK, Salford, M50 2BS. Yes, it is a weird address.


Tandleman said…
Might have a look at it this week.
StringersBeer said…
I really like Booths, and I'm not just saying that because they're going to start selling our bottles soon.
RedNev said…
I doubt we'll get one in Southport, seeing that our Waitrose closed down as it was too posh (and pricy) for us.

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