Breakfast Beer Tasting: Smuttynose Shoals Pale Ale

Bit in the doldrums today. So it’s time to reach for something with a hop kick to blast those blues away. Come on down Shoals Pale Ale from Smuttynose Brewing Company from New Hampshire, USA.

Basics: It’s an unfiltered 12fl oz bottle and is 5% ABV. It poured amber with a solid white head. There was a pungent, very appealing, aroma of bread/biscuit malt and plenty of tart fruit hops.
Taste: Medium bodied and very accomplished. There’s pepper and pine hops carefully matched to a doughy malt backbone. A crisp hop bitterness tingles in the mouth.
Finish: Crisp and lingering bitterness.
Conclusion: Tasty. An excellent example of the American Pale Ale style.


Erlangernick said…
I've had this a few times, albeit way back in the 1990's via trading with a New England'r. Back then, it was a decent PA, but rather "English" style than "American", mainly because the Ringwood mucked it up so badly you'd never know what sort of hops might have been sacrificed to brew it. Dirty socks.

Would be great to learn that it's improved.
Tyson said…

This one was definitely an American Pale Ale. Lots of citrus and pine mean you wouldn't mistake this for anything else.

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